Elizabeth Pampalone

How You Are Wasting Time Without Realizing It

Our life is a journey, a constant string of events, but we can get complacent with the same old routine. We start realizing we don’t have time to finish the things we really need to get done. When we live our life on auto-pilot and don’t pay attention to how we spend... read more

Top Three Apps for Instagram

Instagram is a great marketing platform. It is an aesthetically pleasing platform, so having good pictures, is a must. While running a business, you may not always have a picture to show for the day. That’s when a good inspirational quote comes in handy, pair this... read more

Why You Should be Using Pinterest

Pinterest. Just the word comes with a stigma, “food, weddings, and crafts”. While all of these things are on Pinterest, it’s time to shatter that stereotype; the stereotype that it’s just for women who are looking for a new DIY project. Pinterest is a tool you can use... read more

Blogging for Fitness Pros

It is very common nowadays to come across fitness professionals through social media, it seems everywhere you turn there is another fitness expert with a huge following. One thing you don’t see enough of are fitness blogs. In the fitness industry people oftentimes... read more

Three Tips to Grow Your Instagram

Instagram is an awesome platform, and when used right can boost your page views and grow your email list. Many people don’t know how valuable Instagram can be, and often overlook it. A common misconception about Instagram, is that it’s just for make-up artist and... read more