Book Review: Be obsessed or Be Average

Be obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone, is one of the most eye-opening books I have read. Cardone has a way of explaining why things that average people do, really won’t work in the long run. He shatters stereotypes on everything from money to work-life balance. I... read more

6 Books That Will Change Your life

Reading is so important, and you should never quit learning new information. I always want to continually grow as a person and I know there are always new habits I can take-away from these types of books. Basically anything I can learn something from, I love. It’s not... read more

FREE eBook: How To Write Your Elevator Pitch

I had so much fun putting this ebook/guide together. Inside are 3 templates you can use to build 3 different pitches that cover different audiences.  in this guide I share the elements involved to build a successful pitch. Would you like to see more resources like... read more