How You Are Wasting Time Without Realizing It

Our life is a journey, a constant string of events, but we can get complacent with the same old routine. We start realizing we don’t have time to finish the things we really need to get done. When we live our life on auto-pilot and don’t pay attention to how we spend... read more

Dealing with Digital Clutter

As we head into a new year, a good declutter in life will help us keep our focus on our goals. Decluttering your home and office are a good place to start but I want to talk about digital decluttering. When your digital world is cluttered it can cause you to get... read more

USEFUL Tips for Getting Organized:

Start SMALL! Whether it is a drawer in your kitchen or your office desk, take it one step at a time. Organization is time consuming and tedious. While ambition is a great thing, trying to organize too much in one stretch will leave you with a bunch of open cupboards... read more

The Art of Desktop Zen

If you are like me, you LOVE a good desktop background. Yeah you know it! I could spend hours hunting for the perfect one to fit my mood. Problem is, It stays up WAY too long. By the time i get around to being bored of, or realizing the snowy hills are old news,... read more

7 ways to tame technology

Cellphones are here to stay and mobile computing is no longer limited to a heavy laptop. Tablets are king when it comes to working on the go. The tech devices in your life have their own special ecosystem. Ensure your devices are working for you, and not the other way... read more