For the Mac users of the world the question of antivirus is simple.  You don’t have to worry about it.  The Mac has it’s own built in antivirus protection and you don’t have to do a thing except enjoy the Mac experience.
Windows users often ask me what is the best antivirus system for they computer.  The answer often surprises them these days.  The windows computers have their own built in antivirus program.  Didn’t know that?  That is because Microsoft does a terrible job of advertising something they did extremely well.
The program comes installed already on all Windows 8 and 10 devices.  It is called Windows Defender and it is free with your computer.  Here its the best part though, it is actually the best antivirus program out for windows.  So the next time you are wondering what antivirus to put on your system just use the one that is already there.