One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from clients regards backing up their computers.  There is no question that computers need to be backed up. The computer has become a repository for all personal and business information that one can have in their lifetime.  Personal pictures are found as well as financials and contracts.  This data must be preserved, so the question becomes, what is the best method? There are two possibilities which I will explore here in this blog, a physical back up drive and the cloud.
Physical Back Up Drive
This option allows you to have a physical drive that you can periodically check to ensure the back up has occurred.  It also allows easy deletion of data from the back up to give you control over what you save.  It can be set to automatically do back ups of your system so you don’t have to keep doing it.
The problem with this set it and forget it solution is it must be plugged into the computer to achieve the best results and it can fail because it is physical hardware.
The Cloud
The cloud allows info storage to be on a server or a computer network that is not in your present location.  For example the iCloud is info stored on Apple’s servers. This data is then backed up multiple times to ensure no info is lost for you.
The only real drawback from the cloud is you do not have direct access to the physical device on which your info is stored.