I had a grand idea, refined it and put a plan into action. I even had a pretty good team in place…

Still failed.

I think my first mistake was thinking, “If I build it they will come.” That may have worked in The Field of Dreams, but my experience was more similar to Joy. Not familiar? Here’s the gist…

  • Woman creates a thing, really loves it and wants to sell it to people.
  • Nobody buys, she gets swindled, feels embarrassed.

While the end was a total turnaround from how she started, I could not help but to relate. So how am I going to find my happy ending?

  1. I will not quit!

But I recognize a pivot is necessary to keep me in the game. So if you happened to hear about our KATYCube service previously, what we are offering now is a little different than before. As an Industrial Designer, I have come to accept that the first idea is not always the best. The key is not to fall so in love with it that it leads you to failure. Changing the plan is okay for me, as long as I keep going.

  1. I will put myself out there!

I may be an introvert, but I can’t let it hold me back. It takes some nerve for me to reach out to strangers, pitch ideas, or ask for stuff, especially because this is my second impression in some cases. After it’s all over I am a little anxious and I replay it back in my head. I’m embracing the “what’s the worst that can happen?” attitude, so getting ignored, or told “No, Thank you,” feels better to me than not trying, or not knowing. In my re-launch, I am leaving no “what if?” unanswered.

  1. I will stay focused!

With all the changes going on, one of my biggest challenges is staying focused. I get carried away with details and spend a lot of time learning new skills along the way. I will take advantage of my new perspective along with the new connections that I have made and be sure that there are all hands on deck in order to guarantee my success.

That is my story. Those are my affirmations. Feel free to watch my journey, or even cheer me along. I have lived through one of entrepreneurs’ greatest fears, FAILURE. And I have lived to tell the story and give it another shot.

Author: Yolanda Thornton